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Through her company Atomika, Nancye created, developed and produced both television and feature film projects for Disney, Fox, Fox Family, MTV, Lyon’s Gate, Film Roman and others. As a television producer, Nancye created, developed and executive produced “Emma Sprite,” a half hour dramedy pilot for Fox Television in association with Co- lumbia Pictures Television. Nancye also created, starred and executive produced “What’s in Heidi’s Head” with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and Klasky Csupo (Rugrats) for Nick- elodeon and Noggin. As a filmmaker Nancye produced, wrote and co-directed her first award winning and critically acclaimed documentary feature "Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin” with Rhino Films which was distributed by Cinema Libre. Lastly Nancye co produced “ Rosemont”, an Enderby Entertainment independent feature film starring Brad Douriff and Gracie Zabriski. 






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